Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010

Now Online - qPCR 2010 eConference

BioEPS is now presenting seminars and scientific talks online via video stream!

With our new eSeminars and eConference tool a world-wide know-how transfer becomes possible in a fast and simple way.
The qPCR 2010 package contains 50 talks from our qPCR Symposium 2010 in Vienna
Topics: MIQE guidelines, High throughput qPCR, RNAi-miRNA, qPCR Data analysis, HRM, Circulating Nucleic Acids, Single Cell qPCR

The complete qPCR 2010 eConference packagecontains 50 talks in high resolution from the qPCR Symposium 2010 in Vienna with all sessions.

Or you can visit the single sessions including following keynote speakers:

  1. MIQE and QM strategies in qPCR (incl. SA Bustin, C Mannhalter)
  2. High throughput quantitative PCR – digital PCR (incl। M Kubista, P Day)
  3. HRM – High Resolution Melting - Epigenetics (incl. C Wittwer, C Orlando)
  4. CNA - Circulating nucleic acids (incl. P Pinzani, J Huggett)
  5. Single-cell qPCR (incl। K Livak)
  6. RNAi - microRNA - siRNA Applications – miRNA normalisation (incl. J Vandesompele, M Castoldi, MW Pfaffl)
  7. qPCR data analysis - BioStatistics & BioInformatics (incl. J Hellemans, M Kubista, A Tichopad)

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