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Next Basic qPCR Application Workshop 17-19 January 2011

Introductory course consisting of theoretical and practical parts. Issues: qPCR introduction, assay optimization, sampling and extraction methods, data analysis and quantification strategies. Language - English
Date: 17 - 19 January 2011
Location: BioEPS GmbH, Lise-Meitner-Strasse 30, 85354 Freising, Germany (very close to Munich airport MUC)
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Day 1:

  • Basic PCR theory and applications
  • Detection Chemistry (SYBR Green I, TaqMan, Molecular Beacons...etc)
  • Different instrument platforms and their typical uses
  • Primer Design, Probe design and optimization
  • Basic data handling and analysis

Day 2:

  • Experimental setup and how it influences qPCR data
  • Nucleic acid extraction
  • cDNA synthesis and pre-amplification
  • Introduction to specific qPCR applications: genotyping, SNP analysis, HRM

Day 3:

  • Introduction to quantification principles
  • Quantification strategies:
  • Absolute quantification
  • Relative quantification
  • qPCR efficiency
  • Strategies for normalization of qPCR data

About the tutors:
Dr. Michael Pfaffl is one of the leading experts in qPCR data analysis, specialiced on relative quantification strategies. He is author of many highly influental publications.
Dr. Martina Reiter is qPCR specialist with focus on experiment setup and many years of experience in the optimization of qPCR experiments.

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