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qPCR & NGS 2013 Event - Next Generation Thinking in Molecular Diagnostics

qPCR NGS 2013 Event - Next Generation Thinking in Molecular Diagnostics
6th international qPCR & NGS Event - Symposium  &  Industrial Exhibition  &  Application Workshops 
18th - 22 March 2013,   in Freising-Weihenstephan,
Technical University of Munich,  Physiology-Weihenstephan, Germany

Leading academic researchers and industrial contributors in the field will participate in the symposium, which will be an arena for fruitful discussions between researchers of different backgrounds. The Symposium Talks, Poster Sessions, Industrial Exhibition and associated qPCR & NGS Application Workshops offer an overview of the present knowledge and future developments in qPCR, next generation sequencing and gene expression measurement technology and its wide applications in research.
The symposium will focus on 70 lectures and a huge poster exhibition will be presented by internationally recognised experts in their field. The emphasis will be on unbiased, didactic information exchange. Internationally reknown speakers will be participating in a lively and exciting programme enabling the valuable exchange of information in the qPCR field. One third of the talks will be presented by selected invited speakers, one third will be selected from the submitted abstracts and one third will be presented by qPCR  related company R&D representatives.

Symposium Talk and Poster sessions:
  • Main Topic:   Molecular diagnostics
  • Main Topic:   Next Generation Sequencing  (NGS)
  • Main Topic:   Transcriptional Biomarkers
  • High throughput analysis in qPCR
  • Systems biology
  • Single-cells diagnostics
  • MIQE & QM strategies in qPCR
  • non-coding RNAs - microRNA, siRNA and long non-coding RNAs
  • Digital PCR  &  Nano-fluidics
  • Pre-analytical Steps
  • BioStatistics & BioInformatics
  • qPCR & NGS data analysis
Lunch Seminars:
  • qBASEplus - data analysis lunch seminar
  • GenEx - data analysis lunch seminar
  • NGS data analysis lunch seminars
  • more to be announced........

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