Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

digital PCR workshop and the digital PCR Lunch Time Seminar at qPCR & NGS 2013

qPCR and NGS 2013 Event  -  Next Generation Thinking in Molecular Diagnostics
6th international qPCR & NGS Event  -  Symposium  &  Industrial Exhibition  &  Application Workshops 
18th - 22 March 2013,   in Freising-Weihenstephan,
Technical University of Munich,  Physiology-Weihenstephan,  Germany

Participate at the digital PCR Application Workshop (hosted by Bio-Rad)
Visit the digital PCR Lunch Time Seminar (hosted by Life Technologies)

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  1. Pcr Genotyping Thank you so much ! You have sharing much information about digital PCR workshop. I read all information its really awesome !