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Useful iPhone Apps for Scientsts: MIQE qPCR

The MIQE guidelines, short for “minimum information for publication of quantitative real-time PCR experiments,” are a set of important checkpoints needed to maintain the highest integrity report of qPCR experiments. This is critically important as qPCR is riddled with potential sources of error, including biased reverse transcription in sample prep, insufficient RNA quality, low efficiency primer sets and inherent variability in lab-to-lab chemistries and equipment. The hopes of the group which originally published the guidelines were that with the report of the most important meta information for a given experimental data set that the potential sources of error could be vetted and identified. Since its original publication in 2009, the MIQE guidelines have been widely adopted.
One little problem with the guidelines is that there are a LOT of them. So much so that it isn’t unreasonable to think that a researcher might forget to meet them all. A handy solution to this problem is a free-for-download iPhone app called MIQE qPCR. The app has a simple premise: perform and collect data for your qPCR experiment; as you collect the data and write down the results, check off the corresponding guideline in the app to make sure that you stay MIQE-compliant.
MIQE qPCR is available for download for iOS in the app store and there is also a free android app available here. Get the app and keep your experiments up to standard!
References: Bustin, S. a et al. The MIQE guidelines: minimum information for publication of quantitative real-time PCR experiments. Clinical chemistry 55, 611–22 (2009)

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