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mRNA Dynamics at the Single-Cell Level

mRNA Dynamics at the Single-Cell Level

02/04/2014 in Biotechniques
Kelly Rae Chi

Scientists have a good grasp on how mRNA is made and transported, but its behavior within the cell is less clear. Now, two recenlty published papers demonstrate a new method to follow the path mRNAs take through the cell and offer new insights into regulation of translation through mRNA sequestration.

1. H. Y. Park et al., “Visualization of dynamics of single endogenous mRNA labeled in live mouse,” Science, 343:422-4.
2. A. R. Buxbaum et al., “Single β-actin mRNA detection in neurons reveals a mechanism for regulating its translatability,” Science, 343:419-22, 2014.
3. G. Akbalik and Schuman, E. M. “Molecular biology. mRNA, live and unmasked,” Science, 343:375-6, 2014.

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