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Scientific Integrity: Can Molecular Medicine Be Trusted

Scientific Integrity: Can Molecular Medicine Be Trusted
September 2012 by Stephen Bustin
The aim of presentaton is to allow the audience who are not likely to be expert in the PCR field, to come away with a clear understanding why there is absolutely no chance of any of the scientific data being correct.
A 1998 Lancet publication reported on the case histories of 12 previously normal children who developed symptoms of autism or inflammatory bowel disease after having had received the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. This paper formed the basis for claims of a new type of gastrointestinal disease, termed autistic enterocolitis and sparked a major health scare in the UK and the USA.The lecture will review the complete absence of credibility associated with the molecular evidence underlying a supposed link between the MMR vaccination and autism in children.

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