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PCR and qPCR Webinar Series -- A six webinar series on PCR techniques

PCR and qPCR Webinar Series -- A six webinar series on PCR techniques

This six webinar series on PCR will be based on MIQE guidelines. MIQE, Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative-Real Time PCR, helps scientists to design and report reliable and reproducible qPCR results. They help others to understand and replicate already conducted experiments. In this webinar series we will discuss step by step critical points which need to be taken into consideration in order to acquire reliable data. 

Topics will include:
- Basic principles of  PCR, qPCR and ddPCR
- qPCR Assay Design
- Importance of Sample Quality in qPCR Analysis
- Improving Assay Quality by Optimization and Validation
- Data Analysis
- Troubleshooting

- See more at: http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/life-science/learning-center/customer-education/pcr-webinar-series.html


Marina Wiklander, PhD
Application Specialist, Sigma Custom Products
Marina received her BSc at Tartu University in Estonia at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology. In 2001 she moved to Sweden and started her MSc in Molecular Genetics at Department of Plant Biology in Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Marina completed her PhD at Department of Genetics and Pathology in Rudbeck Laboratory at Uppsala University. Her thesis was dealing with epigenetic changes of transcription factor genes in haematopoietic tumours. For the last 5 years working as an application specialist in the technical and application support team, providing customers with: assay designs and evaluations, seminars and workshops.

Anders Bergkvist, PhD
Application Specialist, Sigma Custom products
Dr. Bergkvist has a strong multidisciplinary academic and industry background with a M.Sc  on Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of Technology and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Goteborg University in Goteborg and a postdoc in Bioinformatics from Harvard Medical School in Boston. The common theme of his work has been applications of computational tools to biologically relevant tasks. At present he is providing customers with design support and developing new business and marketing opportunities as an Application Specialist at Sigma Life Science.
Tania Nolan, PhD
The Gene Team-Consultant for Sigma-Aldrich
Tania Nolan is founder and CEO of The Gene Team Ltd; an international consortium of expert Life Scientists who provide educational and project support to all researchers. She has an international reputation for expertise in the field of mRNA quantification using RT-qPCR and much more importantly, for being able to troubleshooting absolutely any problem! She edited PCR Technologies: Current Innovations with Stephen Bustin and was a significant co-author of the specialist textbook “The A - Z of Quantitative PCR” (ed S.A. Bustin; IUL Press). Tania is an enthusiastic lecturer and has presented several plenary lectures and chaired sessions at major international meetings. Teaching is a particular passion for Tania and she regularly organizes qPCR workshops worldwide. She has an active publication record and regularly contributes to the scientific literature, mainly addressing aspects of quality control of qPCR and qRT-PCR experiments. Tania gained a first class honors degree and was awarded the Excellence in Research Prize from undergraduate studies (University of Salford) and then a PhD in genetics from Manchester University, UK. She took up an AstraZeneca Research Fellowship to study the genetic regulation in breast cancer before moving to Stratagene to support the launch of their qPCR program. Tania lead the Sigma Aldrich Custom Products technical and application support team and was awarded an Honorary Senior Lecturer position at Manchester University in 2014. Outside of science, Tania is a keen clarinettist and plays in a local orchestra as well as small ensemble groups. While on lecture tours, she travels with her clarinets and practices whenever possible.

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