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BDQ Special Issue: Advanced Molecular Diagnostics for Biomarker Discovery – Part I

Biomolecular Detection and Quantification
Volume 5, Pages 1-38 (September 2015) 
Special Issue: Advanced Molecular Diagnostics for Biomarker Discovery – Part I
Edited by Michael W. Pfaffl


  • Guest editor's introduction for BDQ special issue: ‘Advanced Molecular Diagnostics for Biomarker Discovery’
    Pages 1-2
    Michael W. Pfaffl
  • Effects of post-mortem and physical degradation on RNA integrity and quality.
    Pages 3-9
    Monika Sidova, Silvie Tomankova, Pavel Abaffy, Mikael Kubista, Radek Sindelka
  • Removal of between-run variation in a multi-plate qPCR experiment.
    Pages 10-14
    Jan M. Ruijter, Adrián Ruiz Villalba, Jan Hellemans, Andreas Untergasser, Maurice J.B. van den Hoff
  • The potential of circulating extracellular small RNAs (smexRNA) in veterinary diagnostics—Identifying biomarker signatures by multivariate data analysis.
    Pages 15-22
    Spornraft Melanie, Kirchner Benedikt, Michael W. Pfaffl, Riedmaier Irmgard
  • Feasibility of a workflow for the molecular characterization of single cells by next generation sequencing.
    Pages 23-29
    Francesca Salvianti, Giada Rotunno, Francesca Galardi, Francesca De Luca, Marta Pestrin, Alessandro Maria Vannucchi, Angelo Di Leo, Mario Pazzagli, Pamela Pinzani
  • Control for stochastic sampling variation and qualitative sequencing error in next generation sequencing.
    Pages 30-37
    Thomas Blomquist, Erin L. Crawford, Jiyoun Yeo, Xiaolu Zhang, James C. Willey

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