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Advanced Molecular Diagnostics for Biomarker Discovery – Special Issue Part II

Biomolecular Detection and Quantification’ (BDQ) Special Issue - part II:   Advanced Molecular Diagnostics for Biomarker Discovery

Volume 6, Pages 1-32 (January 2016)
Edited by Michael W. Pfaffl

  • Pitfalls in PCR troubleshooting: Expect the unexpected?  Pages 1-3;  Livia Schrick, Andreas Nitsche
  • Differential amplicons (ΔAmp)—a new molecular method to assess RNA integrity.  Pages 4-12;  J. Björkman, D. Švec, E. Lott, M. Kubista, R. Sjöback
  • Evaluation of bias associated with high-multiplex, target-specific pre-amplification.  Pages 13-21;  Steven T. Okino, Michelle Kong, Haya Sarras, Yan Wang
  • Targeted resequencing and variant validation using pxlence PCR assays.  Pages 22-26;  Frauke Coppieters, Kimberly Verniers, Kim De Leeneer, Jo Vandesompele, Steve Lefever
  • Incidence and detection of beak and feather disease virus in psittacine birds in the UAE.  Pages 27-32;  F. Hakimuddin, F. Abidi, O. Jafer, C. Li, U. Wernery, Ch. Hebel, K. Khazanehdari

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