Montag, 21. März 2016

Join our next symposium -- MicroGenomics 2016

MicroGenomics 2016
The 2nd edition of this unique event will be held once again in Paris, France
2-3 June 2016,  Symposium Venue -- French National Library (La Bibliothèque National de France François Mitterand)

Aims and Topics:  Today, one of the biggest challenges for biologists is the ability to understand and analyze the genome expressed in a given cell type in the tissue environment, which means you can specifically isolate these cells and work on very small quantities of biological material. The aim of the congress is to bring together internationally renowned experts in the field and offer an overview of the present knowledge for obtaining high quality molecules and future developments in "omic" tools (DNA, RNA and protein) for genome analysis and its expression at the cell level. The latest advances in technology in the field will be introduced (flow cytometry, laser capture microdissection, NGS, digital PCR, WGA, LC-MS/MS, RPLA, etc).

The symposium will be divided into four sessions introduced by keynote lecturers, experts in their field:

  1- Sampling methods (flow cytometry, laser capture microdissection, DEP array)
  2- Microgrenomics and DNA
  3- Microgenomics and RNA and small RNA
  4- Microgrenomics and Proteins

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