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qPCR Newsletter June 2016 -- Focus on Liquid Biopsy

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Our newsletter informs about the latest news in gene expression profiling using qPCR and related methods, which are compiled and summarised on the 
Gene Quantification domain. The focus of this qPCR NEWS issue is:

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Liquid biopsy is a minimally invasive technology for detection of molecular biomarkers without the need for costly or invasive procedures. It is a simple and non-invasive alternative to surgical biopsies which enables medical doctors to discover a range of information about a disease or a tumour through a simple blood sample. Circulating cancer cells or traces of the cancer’s RNA or DNA in the blood can give clues about which treatments are most likely to work for that patient. Circulating nucleic acids are protected by extracellular micro-vesicles, mainly exosomes.

New dedicated methods enable you to enrich and purify from this liquid biopsy:
• circulating free DNA (cfDNA)
• circulating small-RNA
• circulating tumor cells (CTCs)
• extracellular mirco-vesicles (including exosomes) containing small-RNA, mRNA and DNA

What can we learn from liquid biopsies?
by Marc Beishon, CancerWorld
Early detection, disease prognosis, a guide to treatment, a key to unlock the secrets of how cancers evolve. Researchers have high hopes for what they can learn from the biological detritus shed by primary tumours and metastases.  ... ... more info

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