Donnerstag, 17. November 2016

Accelerating your qPCR data analysis | qbase+

Your benefits using qbase+

Save time
  • The analysis wizard guides you through different steps to perfom reliable analysis of your real-time PCR data
  • Excluding bad data is easy 
  • Effortless scaling for larger experiments
  • Stop wondering where to find your data, qbase+ stores all of it in a structured way!
More reliable results
  • qbase+ is based on peer-reviewed quantification models for PCR efficiency correction, error propagation, inter-run calibration and statistics (Hellemans et al., Genome Biology, 2007). 
  • Extensive quality control which is (often) neglected in Excel-templates
  • Reduced risk of making mistakes in comparision to Excel-templates
MIQE & RDML compliancy
  • qbase+ helps applying rigorous MIQE compliant procedures and guides the experimenter to highest quality results. The analyzed and annotated experiments can easily be exported to RDML 1.2 files which can be used as supplemental data for publication.

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