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Making the most of MIQE - MIQE precis

Making the most of MIQE
The Editorial Board of BMC Molecular Biology endorse a new set of essential MIQE-light guidelines for the reporting of quantitative PCR data: "MIQE precis", and provide guidance for the suitability of pure reference gene papers to the journal.

MIQE precis: Practical implementation of minimum standard guidelines for fluorescence-based quantitative real-time PCR experiments
Stephen A Bustin, Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Jim Huggett, Rolf Jaggi, Frederick SB Kibenge, Pal A Olsvik, Louis C Penning and Stefan Toegel

BMC Molecular Biology 2010; Published: 21 September 2010

The conclusions of thousands of peer-reviewed publications rely on data obtained using fluorescence-based quantitative real-time PCR technology. However, the inadequate reporting of experimental detail, combined with the frequent use of flawed protocols is leading to the publication of papers that may not be technically appropriate. We take the view that this problem requires the delineation of a more transparent and comprehensive reporting policy from scientific journals. This editorial aims to provide practical guidance for the incorporation of absolute minimum standards encompassing the key assay parameters for accurate design, documentation and reporting of qPCR experiments (MIQE precis) and guidance on the publication of pure 'reference gene' articles.

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  1. MIQE has revolutionized real-time PCR and turned it into a trustworthy, standard technique. The European Biotechnologist has published an exlusive interview with Stephen Bustin. Be sure to check it out!